Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visiting cousins

On Monday we visited our cousins in Dubbo! Fletch was feeling a little outnumbered with all the girls so he decided to try and get some attention...

"Like my hat?"

"We love the hat, Fletch!"

Lorna, Vernoica and Katie have lots of neat things to play with! Lorna and I had fun with the cubby house (it's even got a doorbell!)

... and Aunty Liz showed us how to make colourful sand pictures ...

Lorna had fun pushing Fletch on the swing...

... who soon after fell asleep ... playing is such hard work, you know!

Down on the farm

Fletch and I have been considering that if our future career prospects in L.A fall through we might just take after our Pa.

Last weekend we went to Parkes to visit Pa on the farm.

First stop - meeting the dogs. I was a little unsure at first (particularly after one of them decided to lick my face!) but soon found one that was more my size...

I thought he might need some training so off we went to see the cows.

"C'mon! They're more scared of you than you are of them! We could have these guys for dinner..."

"I'll show you how it's done"

"What the...?"

"Run away! Run away!"

"He he he.. we sure showed them! Now where are those chickens?"

"I found them!"

Pa showed me how to collect the eggs from the chook shed (no dogs allowed unfortunatley!)

Maybe we might be able to get some in our backyard at home?

Yep... when I grow up I want to be just like my Pa

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stars of the future

Now there was some talk that when I'm bigger I might play sport - maybe soccer, maybe basketball but I've got other plans...
BASEBALL! Yes, that's right, since Dad recently came back from a trip to the U.S and got me this super cute "Dodgers" shirt I've decided that when I grow up I'm going to be a pitcher for the Dodgers! So move over Russell Martin and Brad Penny 'cause here comes Fletch Kendall!

See? I've already got the shirt, short pants, cap and, of course, my unique pitching style....
I bet you didn't even see where that one went, did you??
I've got a few pitches that I'm working on... This is my tricky back-handed double spin flipper...

Ali has also decided that she's going to accompany me to L.A and see if she can make it in Hollywood!

Hmmm... the bright lights are calling her...

Perhaps a star of the future??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lights! Camera! Action!


Today we went to the Wiggles show!

I made sure I had my Wiggles hat on ready to go before we even left the driveway at home (note the slight wardrobe malfunction that occurred in the excitement).

After a quick pre-show visit to the merchandise stand, we were ready to go! go! go!

The warm-up before the show... wow! neat costumes...

The Wiggles!

... and friends: "ring the bells it's Wiggle time..."

Sam did a great insy-winsy spider

and Jeff, well, you know...


At this stage, Fletch was just wondering what all the fuss was about ...

...while I went off in search of the 'kiddy mosh pit'...

... Anthony showed Captain Feather Sword how to waddle like a duck...

... and Captain Feather Sword lost it and started laughing (it took him a minute or so to regain his composure and continue)...

... Dorothy danced the ballet ...

... and I went off in the mosh pit to this number: "do the monkey! do the elephant! do the tiger!"

Dorothy comes out to greet her fans at the end of the show.

We got a special wave from Murray (my favourite!)...

... and Anthony ...

... and even Ben (the hyperactive dancer).

So of course I returned the favor with my own special wave

Then we headed off for some lunch at a local fast-food restaurant.
A big thank you to Mum and Dad and Uncle Robert for taking Fletch and I to our first concert ever! It was lots of fun...

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