Monday, January 29, 2007

New kid's room

Alison and Fletcher moved into their new room last weekend. Fletcher was sleeping in the bassinet in our room but had become too big for it so it was time to make the move to a cot. Fortunatley, this move also coincided with his new-found ability to sleep through the night! (yay!!) So there was no 'waking Alison at 3am' to worry about.
They are getting on really well together - Alison loves 'helping' with anything 'Fletcher-related' (putting the dummy in his mouth - whether he wants it or not!, wiping his mouth with a bib - that's really cute) and Fletcher is starting to get use to having her around - not stressing that he's about to get injured when he sees or hears her coming his way! The photo below was taken a few weeks ago; Fletcher was on the lounge and Alison jumped up and lay next to him, laughing and cuddling up to him - very cute indeed!)

Beat the heat!

It's been so hot lately! Last weekend - both Saturday and Sunday hit 40 degrees! It's a good thing we can 'legally' water the plants after 4pm on Sunday afternoons. The plants needed a drenching so Alison decided to join them! This photo was taken as I was trying to remove the hose from her hand. After being soaked a few times, which she found highly amusing, it was decided to turn the tap off first!
Another (somewhat more 'water-wise') way to beat the heat - having a splash in the 'pool'!

Helping to 're-pot' some plants (it's important to do a close inspection of the entire root system of any plant before it is re-potted. There are no guarentees, however, that the plant will survive the process).

"New life through water and the Holy Spirit"

We celebrated Fletcher's baptism on Sunday 14th January. It was a very special day as we welcomed him into the Catholic Christian community. Lots of family and friends joined us to share in his special day.

You can call me "Fletcher Christian" now!
With Fr. Denis, Dad, Mum, Aunty Christine and Uncle Robert (my Godparents)

My family

My party

My cousins!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Beautiful boy

We wish you a...

A blur of activity!

My first Christmas!!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Three and one more.. makes four!

Flecher joined the family October 2006.
Alison, meet Fletcher. Fletcher, meet Alison.
zzzzz.... sleepy boy

Melbourne Cup day 2006
"My Pink Pony" to win the cup!

"I've got a chip on my shoulder"
(ok, it was funny at the time)

About a boy

Fletch was born October 2006

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

July 06 - September 06

Happy Birthday Ali!

March 06 - May 06

101 uses for a playmat

Starting to crawl

Glam girl!

Going up!

Mothers Day at the zoo

My first haircut!

December 05 - February 06

Some cute photos of Ali...

Santa Claus is coming.. to town!

Alison, meet Santa. Santa, hang onto your beard!

Alison and cousin Jack enjoying their first Christmas

Santa's little helper!

But the best part of Christmas is the presents...

... and looking forward to New Years Eve!!

"You have become a new creation"

Alison was five months old when we celebrated her baptism.
Lots of family and friends came to celebrate the day with us, making it a very special occasion.

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