Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my first haircut!

I had my first haircut today!

I told the stylist I wanted a "number 4 all over" - just get the clippers out and go for it (you know, something low maintenance) but Mum said no (she didn't want me to lose all my curls but was happy for the dreadlocks to go).

So I reluctantly agreed.

Now I'm starting to look like a 'big boy'!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've been talking for a while but it has seemed like no one really understands what I've been saying. Most people were of the opinion that perhaps I was fluent in a language, it just wasn't English (Swahili perhaps?) - until now!
See below for a translation from "Alison speak" to "English"

Ma- hEEEEE = Murry (the red Wiggle)

peas? = please (this gets me what I want - most of the time)

hi-EEE = Hi (a cute greeting when said with a little wave)

ba-EEEE = baby (Fletcher or anyone else younger than me)

Dawg = dog (noisy animals)

aEEEEEn = rain (something we've had a lot of lately!)

aw - DEER! = oh dear (whenever anything happens unexpectantly)

dine-a-saw = dinosaur (as in "Dorothy")

shishoo = tissue (a few colds in our house at present)

so! = truck or any other large vehicle on the road

hossy! = horsey (please carry me around the house on your back)

tim bay-EEE = Tim Bailey (I'm aspiring to be a weather girl)

I-duck = I'm stuck (if it's not too much trouble, I need some help)

der der der MISS-AY! = stir stir stir mixing! (said when making piklets)

ninga-ninga-ninga = ??? (I want something that's out of reach)

poker night... not!

I heard there was a big poker night on Friday...

Dad couldn't make it but did anyone think to ask me?? No! Come on, guys...

... but I guess you heard - I've got an ace up my sleeve!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

computer games!

A good way to pass the time when it's raining outside... get on the computer!

I've just figured out how to 'click'! That's about all the skill that's required to play 'hickory dickory dock' (provided you've got someone to position the cursor for you!)

Humpty is nowhere near as cool as Jemima but it's fun watching him fall off the wall - "oh dear!"

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fletcher's big band

I've decided to start my own band with my friends B1 and the furry green monster
I'm on percussion!

... and I've developed our trademark dance move as well. B1 can do it really well but the furry green monster is having some trouble with it - you'll need a faster shutter speed to see it clearly!

... seems I have one adoring fan already.

Move over Harry Houdini...

Fletcher is here!
My latest efforts in escapology include freeing myself from the bounds of my sheet to explore the wide open space of my cot...

... but it seems this time I got busted ...

... never mind ... my wit, charm and boyish good looks have got me out of trouble once again!

Kendall Kids @ Kidspace

Today we went to the Australian Museum with our friends Michael and Natalie!
We saw lots of really neat things like...
... did someone say there was a dinosaur around here somewhere?
In Kidspace, we got to explore lots of different things. They have drawing, dress-ups, books, toys, puzzles, games and lots more! This is the 'baby space' for little people like Fletcher...
He had lots of fun exploring
Michael had fun being a turtle!
And I had fun hanging out with Natalie!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My birthday weekend!

It was my birthday on Friday but we seem to have spent most of the weekend celebrating!

We had a party on Friday ...

... with yummy cake ...

I got a really cool Wiggles bag with some extras attached!

... and Scott read my new Dictionary book to me ...

Then on Sunday we had another party and, of course, another cake!

... it was yummy too ...

My friends Natalie and Michael came over to celebrate with me - we had lots of fun!...

... eating lots of yummy things ...

... and opening presents (Thomas!!)

I even got a neat pair of Thomas boots!

Thank you to everyone who visited or called and wished me a happy birthday and also for all the beautiful gifts! I had lots of fun and hope to catch up with you all again soon...

lots of love


Alison xoxo

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