Monday, January 28, 2008

At home

Just thought we'd share a few pics from the last few weeks, hanging out at home...

While Alison likes to dress up (in case you hadn't noticed from previous posts!) and play the 'beautiful princess'....

... I kind of prefer more of the 'typical boy'-type activities to amuse myself.

So into the bath we go!

Like the new chalk board we got from IKEA?

Ali busy creating her newest masterpiece...

... while I see if I can connect to the internet (literally!).

Hope you all had a great Australia Day long weekend!

More fun with cousins

Our cousin Jack came over for a visit on the weekend. We thought, given how hot it was, that we'd get out the 'pool'.

A nice way to cool down!

We also had fun dressing up as transformers (in case you were wondering what we were doing with pots on our heads and hands... Jack does a very good impersonation of Optimus Prime).

Also enjoyed some icecreams (hmm... yummy!)

I thought maybe it might be best to hang out in the tent for a while as...

... there was some wild bike riding going on outside!

Our cousins

Our cousins from Dubbo came to visit a few weeks ago. It was great! We had lots of fun, playing together...

... on the slide (thanks for the help, Aunty Maureen!) ...

... and Veronica took Fletch's wheels out for a spin with her friend the very hungry catapiller.

Fletch and Katie had fun hanging out with Tigger...

... and of course there's always lots of fun playing dress-ups!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A day at home

Hello! Do you like my wheels?

I often take them out for a spin, it's lots of fun.

It's always important to make sure you pack your Aeroguard because you just never know when those pesky insects are going to bother you...

Vroooom... vroooooom......

The dismount. Always important to make sure you don't fall...

... and it's always good to let your big sister borrow your car too. "Good sharing" (although she better have filled up the tank while she was out)

Another fun way to pass the day at home - building a cubby house on the back deck! This is the 'window' for playing 'peek-a-boo'!

... a game we are both quite skilled at!

Hope you all had a fun new year and we look forward to sharing a GREAT '08 with you, our adoring public!

Happy New Year to YOU!

We celebrated the beginning of the new year in our usual fashion...

Um... no, not the 'fizzy juice', we watched the fireworks from the hill behind our house before coming home to bed and left the 'grown ups' to see in the new year with their usual silliness.

We then spent the next few days exploring the new DRESS UP BOX!

Some silk pj's for Ali - very nice...

... or the latest thing in wet weather gear (complemented, of course, with a Bob the Builder protective eyewear, worn on the head)...

Ahh.. the silliness is set to continue, I think!

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