Thursday, March 29, 2007

Collette Dinnigan, Leona Edmiston, Alannah Hill, Alison Kendall

Is this the face of Australia's next up-and-coming fashion guru? Only time will tell...

"Alison Kendall Couture" was launched in spectacular fashion (excuse the pun) last Thursday evening as Ms Kendall appeared sporting the fuchsia/gold raglan Bonds tee with matching leggings. This ensemble was accessorised with the latest in 'backyard boot wear' and Pooh-bear short.

A closer inspection reveals the detail in the presentation:
the left pant leg raised slightly to reveal a hint of sock - cutting edge!

Days later the next outfit in the collection was being worked on... over-sized pink flip flops are making a comeback - a must-have basic in every toddler's collection!

The combination of satin edged fushia socks with 'backyard boot' reveals the true genius of her style.

Her manager and consultant (pictured below) is currently in negotiations with Myer and David Jones to ensure a spot in next seasons lauch show

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ali has recently taken to "The Playground" - a website for kids...
Check out her favorite game, favorite character, and some other neat things we found there:
Print and colour
Playground radio

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brad the builder! Can we fix it? Brad the builder! Yes we can!! (oh, well, I think so...)

Work commenced last week on repairing the back deck...

This is the 'before' image.

After removing the railings...

... and 'stage 1' of the decking.

Alison found it necessary to inspect the work and decided that she would don her trusty new 'backyard boots' and become the new foreman for the job.

Keen to examine every detail, there were a few hurdles to overcome (literally!) in completing a full inspection. "Didn't there use to be some steps here??"

One of the main posts - also one of the main reasons it needed doing!

So... on with the gloves!

Checking out the wheelbarrow

Deciding that we'd leave Dad to it and pick some frangipanis insead

Monday, March 5, 2007

Beach Babies!

We got home today from our 'weekend away' to Port Macquarie - vising 'Aunty Tricia' and going to the beach...

Ali enjoying the beach - the cool water and the sand between her toes...

Fletch enjoying the beach - from a distance! (he was happy to sit and snooze in his pram)

Ali hoping the next wave doesn't take out her 'masterpiece' creation

ahhh... the water's nice on my feet!...

... ahh! Didn't see that one coming in!

more creativity...

the girls on the beach!

Shelly beach in the afternoon (as oppose to that morning when it wasn't quite so calm!)

Relaxing at Aunty Tricia's house

The rocking chair became a favorite place to play...


Fletcher was removed from the chair by a responsible adult (i.e. she didn't just push him off onto the floor before this was taken)

Happy boy

"Enjoying" the hammock in the backyard (well, one of us anyway!)

Visiting the playground near Town Beach while waiting for the 'fish and chips' on Saturday night.

Then on Sunday ... we went to the Koala Hospital
A kiss for the Koala

One of the patients

The trip home...
... involved four hours of a Wiggles cd (complete with the actions - as limited as they were when sitting in the car seat!) and some bad hair!

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