Sunday, December 30, 2007

A lazy Sunday

In preparation for tomorrow night (NYE08!) we thought it best to spend this afternoon just hanging out at home and, as usual, getting up to the odd bit of mischief whereever possible...

... like trying Dad's bike gear on - complete with the helmet!

What do you think?

Then we moved on to an early dinner. I thought it was 'my turn' to feed Fletch his yoghurt so I had a go...

... it was a little 'hit and miss' but he ate most of it and enjoyed it too, I think!

Friday, December 28, 2007

And so this is Christmas

We had a busy Christmas day this year which started off with, of course, presents!

I got this cool doll house...

... and Fletch got this really neat racing car track. Thanks Santa!

Then we headed over to Pa's place for lunch. It wasn't long before Fletch got into his bon-bon to get his party hat out!

Hey! Where's the pudding?!?

And apparently it's 'tradition' to play ball sports in the backyard that usually require much greater space than the average backyard provides. I'm suppose to hit something with this thing?

Then we went to Aunty Christine's to catch up with some other cousins. Jack's a big trampoline fan too! Hope you all had a great Christmas and we'll see you in the new year!!

At home

We've been hanging out at home quite a bit lately and thought we'd share some pics Mum took of us. But first... a flashback to July '06! Remember this?!?

Yes, when Ali first started to stand she had a thing for removing the contents of the pantry.

Well, it seems it's a case of "like sister, like brother". I didn't like those onions in there anyway!

... and these cerial boxes should be on a different shelf anyway.

A cute 'backyard hug' photo

Hey Fletch! It's raining!

Really? That might be another reason why my backside is feeling a little wet at the moment.

Luna Park!

It's been a while since we last posted... sorry about that but we had a little problem with the internet connection at our house (lighting strike - still don't have a phone but that's another story)...
Anyway, earlier in the month we went to a Christmas party at...

... it was sooooo much fun ...

When we saw this place, we thought it looked like fun so we thought we'd check it out ...

Cool slide! I know, I don't look like I'm enjoying it but I insisted on going back for another go at least three times...

Then we went to check out this really neat ride (I'm cheering on the inside) ...

Then, it was time for lunch (something that always puts a smile on Fletch's face)

The fact that Santa was there put a big smile on my face too
Can we come back some other time?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

C'mon down to Clown Town!

After several days of rain and no 'outside playtime', Mum took Ali and I to Clown Town today!
It all started with Ali asking Mum this morning "Alisongobouncybouncycastle? Alisongobouncybouncycastle?" so... off we went!

... and here it is! A really cool indoor jumping castle for little people like us! (i.e. under 3's)

But it wasn't long before Ali saw the 'big kids' play area and wanted to go there. She got a bit sad when Mum said no but had some fun on this little "upthestairsupthestairsanddowntheslide"

As for me, well, I was happy with some wall puzzle things...

... maybe next time we come I'll be big enough to tackle this slide! Can't wait...

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