Thursday, December 6, 2007

C'mon down to Clown Town!

After several days of rain and no 'outside playtime', Mum took Ali and I to Clown Town today!
It all started with Ali asking Mum this morning "Alisongobouncybouncycastle? Alisongobouncybouncycastle?" so... off we went!

... and here it is! A really cool indoor jumping castle for little people like us! (i.e. under 3's)

But it wasn't long before Ali saw the 'big kids' play area and wanted to go there. She got a bit sad when Mum said no but had some fun on this little "upthestairsupthestairsanddowntheslide"

As for me, well, I was happy with some wall puzzle things...

... maybe next time we come I'll be big enough to tackle this slide! Can't wait...

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