Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We've Moved...

Hi everyone,

It's official! We've moved... our new address is .
Mum is still setting it up but hope to have it up and running soon after our little brother or sister comes home with some new pics of course! We won't be posting here anymore so if you're looking at us through a reader you'll need to change the address you've subscribed to.

Look forward to more Kendall Kid adventures soon! :-)

Coming Soon!

It looks like all that talk of a 'baby coming to our house soon' is going to be pretty soon! We've been busy getting lots of things ready for the new baby...

I helped Mum set up the baby's new bed...

... well, it's not all that 'new'. Fletch and I both slept in it when we were babies. It was also used by lots of our cousins and our Mum when she was a baby. In fact, our Pa even slept in it when he was a baby too!
So we've been getting it ready by putting on some sheets and a blanket...

... and of course no bed is complete without a teddy! This one is mine - it's on loan until our little brother or sister gets one of their own.

Looks comfy, don't you think?

See you soon, baby!

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