Thursday, May 31, 2007

My big sister is 2!

Hi there, Fletch here. Just thought I'd put up a quick post to tell you about our morning. It's Alison's birthday today and she's 2! My, doesn't time just fly? (well, the last 7 months of it have for me!)
She had a great time opening her presents...
Hey Fletch! Check this out!!
Getting some help from Mum...
Wow! More playdough stuff!!

But the really cool present was hiding up the hallway...

My new bike!!!

It was a bit tricky to get on at first...

...ummm... some assistance with this please?

Daddy showing me how the pedals work.

Hey! Look at me go!!!

A kiss for Daddy - thank you for my nice things!
Stay tuned for more birthday fun...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Let's play!

We've been having lots of fun playing...
... with playdough! Mum made some playdough for me today and got a little disheartened when I wouldn't touch it so instead we found lots of things in the drawer we could stick into it (yes, there's even a corn cob holder in there!). But eventually we came up with a few creations...

... a teddy bear ...

... this is suppose to be Daddy (not sure about the hair, though) ...

... and, finally, an echidna! (no, we didn't create a cute little creature and then stab it to the bench.. it just looks like that...)

I also like to play in the bath... bubble hat!

... or with my latest creation: pipecleaner glasses!

... but as for me, well, I'm a man of few needs. Just give me a playmat and I'm happy!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I've got a tooth!

Hey! Guess what!! I've got a tooth!!!

It's down the bottom (can you see it??)

I've been putting it to good use on a few rusks...

Hey Mum! If you put lemon on one of these, does that make it a lemon ruski??

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pasta and other fun

First it was pizza....
Now it's the pasta!

Who needs lipstick when you've got 'Dolmio'??

Great for hair styling too...

"Can you point your fingers and do the twist?" yes, I can even do it while standing in a 'Huggies' box!

Alison! Mum's got the camera out!!
Oh how embarrassing...

Just sharing the love, Fletch, just sharing the love...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pizza! Pizza!

We made pizzas for dinner with our cousins David and Andrea

Mum doesn't have a rolling pin (perhaps she'll get one for Mother's Day?) so I'm helping to roll out the dough with a cup. It works really well! We put lots of yummy things on our pizzas... ham, cheese, chicken, pineapple...

It was lots of fun!

Fletcher was particularly excited about trying some pizza...

"but you said I had to start eating solid food! What's wrong with this?"

"Ok, I promise to share with the others..."

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

M.A. Mummy!

Today our Mum graduated from ACU - Master of Arts - Liturgy.
She started the course in January 2005 and completed it last year which means that between the two of us, we were both 'present' for almost all of the units (but thankfully didn't have to do any of the assignments!)

Mum with the Vice-Chancellor

Mum and Dad

Mum and Uncle Robert (who also graduated today!)

A big thank you also to Aunty Jo who looked after us today!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Deck progress report

Hello! Want to see how the deck is going? I'll show you...

It's coming along well! Dad has nearly finished this 'long' section. We don't have any back steps yet, but I can still get up on there!


The other part that's undercover is next. Then the new back steps will go in and the fence and railing (to keep little people like me safe!). The interesting 'tarp' construction was done last week - it was raining which made it difficult to get anything done. Of course, as soon as Dad finished putting up the tarps, it stopped raining...

It's fun walking up and down the spare pieces of decking

I'll show you some more pictures later
Alison xoxo

Kendall v. Potato Head

Potato Head: "Now listen here, Kendall. This playmat just isn't big enough for the two of us"

Kendall: "Hmmm... yummy arm..."

Potato Head: "I'm warning you, kid..."

"... don't think you can take one of my arms and get away with it"

Kendall: "tasty ear!"

Potato Head: "ahhhh!!!"

Soon after, the match referee was called in to settle the dispute (and put Mr Potato Head back together again! He lives to fight another day...)

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