Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brad the builder! Can we fix it? Brad the builder! Yes we can!! (oh, well, I think so...)

Work commenced last week on repairing the back deck...

This is the 'before' image.

After removing the railings...

... and 'stage 1' of the decking.

Alison found it necessary to inspect the work and decided that she would don her trusty new 'backyard boots' and become the new foreman for the job.

Keen to examine every detail, there were a few hurdles to overcome (literally!) in completing a full inspection. "Didn't there use to be some steps here??"

One of the main posts - also one of the main reasons it needed doing!

So... on with the gloves!

Checking out the wheelbarrow

Deciding that we'd leave Dad to it and pick some frangipanis insead

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