Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've been talking for a while but it has seemed like no one really understands what I've been saying. Most people were of the opinion that perhaps I was fluent in a language, it just wasn't English (Swahili perhaps?) - until now!
See below for a translation from "Alison speak" to "English"

Ma- hEEEEE = Murry (the red Wiggle)

peas? = please (this gets me what I want - most of the time)

hi-EEE = Hi (a cute greeting when said with a little wave)

ba-EEEE = baby (Fletcher or anyone else younger than me)

Dawg = dog (noisy animals)

aEEEEEn = rain (something we've had a lot of lately!)

aw - DEER! = oh dear (whenever anything happens unexpectantly)

dine-a-saw = dinosaur (as in "Dorothy")

shishoo = tissue (a few colds in our house at present)

so! = truck or any other large vehicle on the road

hossy! = horsey (please carry me around the house on your back)

tim bay-EEE = Tim Bailey (I'm aspiring to be a weather girl)

I-duck = I'm stuck (if it's not too much trouble, I need some help)

der der der MISS-AY! = stir stir stir mixing! (said when making piklets)

ninga-ninga-ninga = ??? (I want something that's out of reach)

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