Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well, our recent computer problems are being fixed (thanks, Daddy!) so we're back. Better late than never, here is our Easter adventure!

On Saturday night, we decided to leave some snacks out for our good friend, the Easter bunny.

Carrot and lettuce seemed like a good choice for a bunny...

Then, next morning, we went in search of evidence that he'd been to visit...

A-ha! Detective Alison is on the case!! Exhibit A: A half-eaten carrot!!!

Her trusty side-kick Fletch found some footprints laying around too...

After following the footprints around the house, we found a few other things too...

Behold! The egg.... I think there's a toy inside this one!

These ones look more interesting to me!

Hmmm... Chocolate!!!

Hope you all had a great Easter too! Stay tuned for our Easter show adventures... coming soon!

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