Friday, November 23, 2007

Strawberry tarts!

Hello! I was watching Fifi and the Flowertots this morning and noticed my favorite character (Fifi, of course) was making strawberry tarts for her friend Primrose. They looked kinda easy to make so I thought it would be within my Mum's capabilities to have a go at making them...

Turns out Mum had made them before when she was little (a really, really, REALLY long time ago) with her Grandma. They use to use the leftover pastry from making apple pies to make strawberry tarts. She even managed to find her Grandma's recipe!

Just testing to make sure the pastry is right before we cut out the circles...

The finished product! We didn't quite have enough strawberry jam so we went with some mango jam for half of them...

Quality control: just checking that the mango jam is ok before they go in the oven

and... voila! The finished product! Maybe could have used a little more jam but otherwise... yummo!

p.s. Fletch gave his approval too... although he's still saying the muffins are better!

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