Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Postcard from Port

We went on a little holiday this week to Auntie Tricia's house at Port MacQuarie. It was great!

Auntie Tricia has a really nice big backyard that's fun for playing and sometimes she gets visitors there...

... like this guy who came to visit too while we were there!

We saw the pelicans on the wharf...

... and went for a ride on a ferry which was fun ...

(I'm not really praying we make it back safely, it just looks like that)

And we had fun playing with bubbles in the bath too!

Did anyone see where that bubble went??

The park was lots of fun too....

... even for a little guy like me!

And a visit to Auntie Tricia's just wouldn't be complete without... the beach!

Dora: Queen of the (sand) castle!

I love the feel of sand between my ... fingers?

The texture is interesting, but it tastes a little funny (or maybe it's just that I've got a heap of it in my nappy).

Never mind, I'll just play in this big puddle instead!

Hey Fletch! That's not a puddle! It's the mote for my sandcastle!

Thanks Auntie Tricia for having us stay over and for lots of fun!

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