Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Steppin' Out!

I'm sure I'm going to be in big trouble with Alison when she's older for taking this photo and the ones that follow: "Mum! Why did you dress me like that?! And then get the camera out?!??" Well, it was to mark the occasion of the new 'backyard boots' that were purchased yesterday which she enjoyed striding around the backyard in today. Also, due to going on holidays on in two days time and not wanting to wash more clothes before we go, it was one of those 'dress in whatever we aren't going to be packing to take on holidays' days - so the outfit probably isn't the most fashionable.

... and to complete the ensemble - the favorite Wiggles hat (just trying to figure out which way it goes on)...

um... wardrobe malfunction?

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